President's Message

Hello Everyone:

On behalf of Indian Association of Sacramento (IAS), Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Let this new year brings lots of Joy, Peace, Health and Happiness.

It is with great pleasure and humility that I want to thank the IAS members for electing me to serve as your next President for 2023. I take this opportunity to welcome the new committee members and look forward to working with you. Let us therefore freely share our insights and expertise to move IAS forward in the coming year.

IAS, a nonprofit organization, is an umbrella organization of Indian regional states. Thanks to all the previous IAS leaders in setting up a great platform for IAS in uniting the Asian Indians in Greater Sacramento area, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India with the local community, and integrating the Asian Indians with the local community through various events and collaboration activities.

IAS organizes India Day every year with over 4,000 people to showcase diversified Indian culture and heritage with local community, supports local and Indian charities, organizes 5k run to promote health and benefit a local charity, participates in community events including MLK walk and Veterans Day Parade, organizes/participates in women empowerment, youth development activities and many other events to benefit the community.

I appreciate all the support from local Indian organizations, Asian Indian community ,businesses, local Universities, political groups and many nonprofit organizations on our mission and vision.Along with the support of IAS board members I look forward to taking IAS to new heights and depths. I and our executive team will do our level best in fulfilling the objectives of the organization set by previous leaders through our legacy and new events in 2023.

I sincerely appreciate the hard work that our volunteers carry out by relentless effort in delivering the best they can.

I and the executive committee promise to create a strong and united Asian Indian community and promote cultural diversity, equality, and inclusiveness in all of IAS events. Join us in supporting our mission and causes. If you are interested in helping IAS or have any ideas, please reach out to me by emailing us.

Mr Gobi Ramasamy